Date: October 2023

New features
  • Tractoflow is fully working with scilpy 1.6.0

  • Profile use_cuda is deprecated and replaced by use_gpu.

  • Profile use_gpu enables gpu implementation of local_tracking.

  • [BF] BIDS is fully supported with eddy/topup.


Date: March 2023

New features
  • Tractoflow is not fully working with a python 3.10 environnment with scilpy 1.5.0


Date: November 2022

New features
  • Automatic extraction of shells when computing DTI and fODF

  • Skip step bet_prelim_dwi when not needed

  • Add remove_invalid step in Tracking processes

  • Add possibility for complex BIDS structure with multiband acquisition and full reverse encoding acquisitions. (only available with cuda profile)

  • New profile “bundling”. It will activate custom tracking parameters to improve recobundle results. Local tracking will be enable with fa seeding mask and tracking mask.

  • New profile “connectomics”. It will activate custom tracking parameters to improve connectomics analysis.


Date: 05 April 2022

New features
  • New profile Atlas Based Segmentation (-profile ABS)

  • New profile “skip preprocessing” for HCP dataset (-profile skip_preprocessing)

  • Add option to compute dwi sh (-sh_fitting true)

  • Gibbs correction (-run_gibbs_correction true)


Date: 09 April 2021

Bug Fixed:
  • fully reproducible (ANTS_RANDOM_SEED fixed)

  • Tracking with FA (typo)

New options:
  • participants_label: select specific subjects (BIDS input)

  • clean_bids: remove subject that are not complete (BIDS input)


Date: 08 Jul 2020

New features:

  • Support 4D reverse B0 images.


Date: 29 Jun 2020

New features:

  • BIDS support

  • Partitions (External drive, etc) automatically mounted. No supplementary config file needed

  • New processing profiles: use_cuda (for eddy_cuda use), fully_reproducible, macos

New options:

  • run_t1_denoising: Activate or deactivate T1 denoising


Date: 8 May 2019

Modify normalization mask and change some default option values


Date: 27 Mar 2019

First release for public access